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Take Care Health Matters Consumer Guide

More people can now get Medicaid in Colorado! This includes people who are or were involved in the criminal justice system. This means more people can go see a doctor, dentist, or therapist. This guide has information to help you get the medical, dental and treatment services you need.

Download the guide [PDF]

Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) for Justice Involved Adults: A Resource Guide for Criminal Justice Professionals

The Take Care Health Matters team developed this resource guide to help professionals in Colorado who work with justice involved populations learn the importance and basics of Health First Colorado, such as how to get enrolled and access health care services.

Download the Guide [PDF]

Health Law Expanded Coverage for Ex-Inmates, But Gaps Remain

Kaiser Health News

Insurance expansion in the early stages of the Affordable Care Act’s implementation boosted coverage for ex-prisoners but still left substantial gaps among a population with high rates of mental illness and chronic diseases such as hepatitis and diabetes, new research shows.

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I was able to go to the hospital for abscesses without needing to worry about cost. Medicaid has literally saved my life multiple times!

DerekMedicaid Consumer

It’s been good so far. Pays for my methadone and I got a primary care provider.

WalterMedicaid Consumer

It means the world to me and love it and have less stress to deal with. It’s always a good thing to be able to go and get help without worries of money

SheilaMedicaid Consumer

Obamacare has allowed me to go the methadone clinic for free which before being a student, I was without health insurance for a year. So for my generation in my income level it has been great!

CallaMedicaid Consumer

Quick Fact

On any given day, over 100,000 individuals are involved in the criminal justice system in Colorado. It is estimated 70% – 90% will be eligible for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.