Connecting Health To Justice

Stories provide unique insight into the positive impact of health care access for justice involved people. Have a story to share? Let us know.

Kevin Monteiro

After only being out 72 days, Kevin Monteiro shared his Medicaid success story. Upon release, Kevin signed up for Medicaid and accessed needed care. Having health care has provided Kevin a sense of security and peace of mind.

Hassan Latif, Second Chance Center

Hassan is the founder of the Second Chance Center, a community re-entry agency dedicated to the successful transition of people returning from incarceration. Hassan works with justice involved men and women to lead lives of success and fulfillment. After spending 18 years in Colorado state prison, Hassan knows firsthand how health care provides an opportunity for justice involved individuals to have choice, become empowered, and have an increased quality of life. Learn more about the Second Chance Center.

Magalie Lerman

Magalie tells her story of being a justice involved person in her early twenties. She explains that when people have health care and are feeling healthy, they can approach life differently. With the ACA and Medicaid, justice involved people have a right to take care of themselves and now have a way to do so.