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I have used Medicaid to obtain about $200/month of meds for my bipolar type II, ADHD, anxiety, and hormones. I was able to go to the hospital for abscesses without needing to worry about cost. Medicaid has literally saved my life multiple times!

Derek, Medicaid Consumer

I’ve used Medicaid to get my teeth cleaned (deep cleaned). I was able to go to the ER with kidney stones and an abscess on my right arm without any out of pocket cost. My prescriptions have all been $1. Without Medicaid, I would have medical and dental bills over $10k. I’m not worried to go to the doctor any longer. It’s great!

Jeremy, Medicaid Consumer

They’ve been good to me. I went to Denver Health the other day. Everything worked out great.

Philip, Medicaid Consumer

I have always been happy with Medicaid. I have always been treated when I needed. I just don’t like having to wait for a referral.

Anna, Medicaid Consumer

It’s been good so far. Pays for my methadone and I got a primary care provider.

Walter, Medicaid Consumer
It means the world to me and love it and have less stress to deal with. It’s always a good thing to be able to go and get help without worries of money.
Sheila, Medicaid Consumer
Obamacare has allowed me to go to the methadone clinic for free which before being a student, I was without health insurance for a year. So for my generation in my income level it has been great!
Calla, Medicaid Consumer

Medicaid rocks, especially now under Obamacare. It’s super easy and fast to sign up and the benefits are huge, especially if you have a pre-existing condition or need prescription meds. I have HIV and without Medicaid or private insurance my meds would cost thousands of dollars a month! Under Medicaid, I get two of my meds for free and the other one for $5. When I was on my mom’s insurance they cost $20 a piece. Medicaid saves you money, saved my life and could easily save yours or make life easier if you can’t afford insurance. Get a case manager!

John, Medicaid Consumer