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State Strategies for Establishing Connections to Health Care for Justice Involved Populations: The Central Role of Medicaid

The Commonwealth Fund

This issue brief discusses how Medicaid expansion has led to greater enrollment in health care coverage for justice involved people. Challenges still exist for ensuring that people are able to access health care services once they are in community. Successful examples are provided from a handful of state’s that are working to improve both coverage and care.

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“Service with open arms”: enhancing community healthcare experiences for individuals with a history of incarceration

Health and Justice – Research Article

Justice involved people have higher rates of chronic health conditions yet under-utilize healthcare services in the community. This research article shares the results of interviews that were conducted with 16 formally incarcerated people who provide insights as to how to improve the healthcare experience for justice involved people.

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Targeting Justice-Involved Populations through 1115 Medicaid Waiver Initiatives: Implementation Experiences of Three States

State Health Access Data Assistance Center

There are currently 10 states that are focused on justice involved individuals through 1115 Medicaid waivers in efforts to improve continuity of care as people transition from prisons and jails into the community. Five other states are pending 1115 Medicaid waiver approval. This article highlights the work being done in Illinois, Texas and Washington and how lessons learned can be applied to other states.

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I was able to go to the hospital for abscesses without needing to worry about cost. Medicaid has literally saved my life multiple times!

DerekMedicaid Consumer

It’s been good so far. Pays for my methadone and I got a primary care provider.

WalterMedicaid Consumer

It means the world to me and love it and have less stress to deal with. It’s always a good thing to be able to go and get help without worries of money

SheilaMedicaid Consumer

Obamacare has allowed me to go the methadone clinic for free which before being a student, I was without health insurance for a year. So for my generation in my income level it has been great!

CallaMedicaid Consumer

Quick Fact

Over 120,000 individuals are currently involved in the criminal justice system in Colorado. It is estimated 70% of them will be eligible for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program).