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Initiating Medicaid Coverage in Prison 30-Days Prior to Reentry

Health Affairs blog

The Medicare Rights Act (MRA) would allow Medicaid coverage to begin 30 days prior to release from incarceration, which would drastically improve access to health & behavioral healthcare services for returning citizens. The MRA recently passed out of the House as part of the Build Better Back legislation. Its passage through Congress would be a game changer for justice involved people and correctional facilities though there are a lot of hurdles that lie ahead for the bill to be successful.

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Medicaid and Reentry

Council on Criminal Justice

This issue brief is the first in a series of publications from the Health and Reentry Project (HARP). It describes Medicaid’s role as well as the policy changes that are under consideration, health care in the criminal justice system, and key implementation issues that will be central to the success of changing Medicaid’s role at reentry.

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State Policies Connecting Justice-Involved Populations to Medicaid Coverage and Care

Kaiser Family Foundation

There are multiple options that states can use to improve access to health insurance coverage and connection to services for individuals as they return to the community from incarceration by utilizing Medicaid benefits and waivers. This article highlights innovative strategies and options currently available for states.

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I was able to go to the hospital for abscesses without needing to worry about cost. Medicaid has literally saved my life multiple times!

It’s been good so far. Pays for my methadone and I got a primary care provider.

It means the world to me and love it and have less stress to deal with. It’s always a good thing to be able to go and get help without worries of money

Obamacare has allowed me to go the methadone clinic for free which before being a student, I was without health insurance for a year. So for my generation in my income level it has been great!

Quick Fact

Over 120,000 individuals are currently involved in the criminal justice system in Colorado. It is estimated 70% of them will be eligible for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program).