The ACA is building new intersections between the various systems of criminal justice, health care and behavioral health to increase access to care for justice involved people. Professional stakeholders from health care, behavioral health, criminal justice and the community are learning new ways to work together and about the nuances of their respective systems.

The following recorded presentations contain valuable information for individuals serving justice involved people.

Affordable Care Act: Health Coverage for Justice Involved Individuals

A Presentation for Criminal Justice and Health Care Professionals

Overview for Colorado criminal justice and health care professionals including:
– Opportunities offered by the Affordable Care Act
– Medicaid and Connect for Health Colorado 101
– Eligibility of Justice Involved Individuals
– Medicaid Structure: Accessing Physical and Behavioral Health Care Services
– Resources

Download presentation slides [PDF]

Criminal Justice 101 and the Affordable Care Act

A Presentation for Criminal Justice and Health Care Professionals

Includes an overview of Colorado criminal justice-related and Affordable Care Act information to assist clients with better access to health care.

Download presentation slides [PDF]

Take Care – Health Matters Professional Guide Webinar

The Take Care – Health Matters Professional Guide helps Colorado criminal justice agencies, health care professionals and community organizations connect with each other so that they may assist justice involved individuals who qualify for Medicaid. View this 7 min. webinar explaining how to best use this online tool.

Download presentation slides [PDF]